Freecom network drive password

  grumpy-git 08 Feb 08

Have just installed the software for the network drive on what will now be the main pc. Following the setup instructions to use admin & admin for user name & password, everything worked fine & I could map & remove the drive.

Problem is, I cannot access it via the web interface, it will not accept admin/admin as password, or the password/username I had allocated when it was in use with the previous pc.

Is there any way to access or change the password?


  MCE2K5 09 Feb 08

From Freecom Website.

Press the „Reset“ button and power on device while pressing the „Reset“ button. Keep
„Reset“ button pressed for 15 seconds to restore factory defaults.

  MCE2K5 09 Feb 08

Page 12 of PDF Manual, click here

  grumpy-git 09 Feb 08

Thanks MCE2K5,

I wasn't sure if "reset" wiped everything off the drive & so hadn't tried that. With nearly 300gb of data on there (it's a 500gb drive) it was a risky thing to try.

Do you know if the data will be safe if I reset?


  MCE2K5 09 Feb 08

Yes your Data will be fine.

It does not Format ypur Drive, It just resets the Drives Settings.

  grumpy-git 09 Feb 08


Sorted, thanks for your help, the data was untouched.


  Kemistri 10 Feb 08

Thinking out loud here.... if it's so easy for anyone to reset the password, what's the point of having a password facility?


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