Freecom External Drive - Help Please

  Supertramp 07:10 13 Oct 06

I have just finished installing my new PC a Dell E521. I have a Freecom external hard drive which worked ok on my old PC running 98SE.

Yesterday I backed up all my personal data etc. in readiness to transfer onto my my new PC, but on plugging in the new PC it finds new hardware but is not installing drivers and the drives just sits there useless. Is there anything else I should be doing, have tried different USB connectors but no joy.


  STREETWORK 07:15 13 Oct 06

Download the drivers for XP from freecom website

  Monoux 07:43 13 Oct 06

I think this might be due to your old PC using FAT32 file system and your new ( XP ? ) system running NTFS. I don't think a back up created under one system can re read by another. How you get round this I do not know so you may need to wait until someone more knowlegable comes to this thread

  GroupFC 08:49 13 Oct 06

I am pretty sure that an NTFS file system can read a FAT32 file system, I believe that it is the other way round that problems arise!

Supertramp, I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to your problem. I have always found Freecom most helpful, do you could try contacting them.

  Graham. 08:59 13 Oct 06

Freecom drivers
click here

  Supertramp 10:32 13 Oct 06


Tried above but still no joy. Have sent email to Freecom for advice? This is a real pain I thought these drives worked in both 98SE & XP.

  Graham. 10:47 13 Oct 06

Do you have the Driver CD which came with the drive?

  Diemmess 11:08 13 Oct 06

My own experience has been that an external HD needed drivers for Win98SE but not for Win 2000 or XP. For the last 2 it is recognised as soon as it is switched on.
Forgive the obvious, it IS switched on?

USB cables can fail, USB ports may not be behaving. It really is worth spending time checking almost everything by substitution including another obvious thing that it still works on the '98 computer.

  Supertramp 20:37 13 Oct 06

Just in from work, the drive was still working ok yesterday, yes I have the driver disc. Have placed it in the PC but still will not install.

Have swaped cables as well.

  Graham. 09:01 14 Oct 06

In Device Manager, select Update drivers, point to the CD.

  Supertramp 16:54 15 Oct 06

I have spent most of this morning trying to sort out my problem. This drive was working perfectly the night before my new PC arrived as I was making sure I had backed up all my files etc. I even backed up some that I had missed.

Today I reconnected my old PC so I reconnect the drive to enable me to burn the stored backups onto CD. Can you believe it looks like the drive has gone belly up. It will not even work now on my old PC, I have tried different leads with no joy.

In fact with the drive connected neither PC will boot, you have to pull the lead out so bootin can take place, all you can hear when you connect the drive is an intermittent noise as if the arm is stuck trying to read the drive, if that makes sense.

Does anyone know if there anyway I can access the drive to retrieve my files etc. I know I will have to break the case to do so, has anyone encountered this problem before.

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