pkadit 22:21 11 Oct 03

I recently restored my hard disk using a restore disk.The OS is Windows 98. However now i am unable to get the freecell game to work.The other games that come with windows are functional.Does anyone have any ideas please.

  Peter 00:13 12 Oct 03


What's wrong with it? Is it not available or does it do something wrong?

As far as I know only three files, FREECELL.EXE, FREECELL.HLP & FREECELL.CNT are used for it and only FREECELL.EXE is needed to run it.

Well, this appears to be the case under Windows 95, perhaps it's different under Windows 98.

Anyone else got any ideas?


  Peter 00:28 12 Oct 03


P.S. There's an entry in the registry to record your score, won, lost, streaks, etc.


  daba 09:52 12 Oct 03

If Freecell is misbehaving (bad layout, unable to play etc.) then it can be caused by a 'naughty' scroll-mouse driver, or a systray mouse configuration utility.

I have "Optical Mousemate V1.0" in my systray, which allows me to reconfigure mouse for personal preferences.

This prevents Freecell from running properly, so all I do when I want to run Freecell is to 'right-click' the systray icon, and choose 'exit'. OK so now my scroll wheel wont work, but Freecell does !

To restore the mouse functionality, I re-boot the PC.

  canard 13:45 12 Oct 03

click here Solitude contains Freecell and lots of other solitaire games and is free. Freecell is sometimes affected by new apps or changes in settings.If you don't feel like going through your PC with a fine toothcomb it is an easy solution.

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