Freebie subscription list manager?

  effingpot 11:16 12 Mar 05

Well having solved my initial problem on this group in about 5 minutes, here is my other one.

I have set up a subscribe form on my site at click here which is totally manual. I get an email for each subscribe and cut n paste the emails into an ascii file that I copy into bcc when I sent the newsletter.

Likewise I delete any unsubscribes manually from the list.

I have been looking without success for a simple (and freebie) opt in/out cgi script that will also maintain the file for me so I don't have to do all the work manually.

Has anyone found a simple one that works? I want to keep the space used to a minimum on the page. So basically a box for the email, a radio button for subscribe and unsubscribe, then a aubmit button. No more than that.

Thanks for any advice.


click here

  pj123 13:43 12 Mar 05

You might get a better response if this thread was posted in the WebDesign Forum. Lots of Web experts there.

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