Free upgrade to AVG 8

  birdface 16:50 23 Apr 08
  cocteau48 17:22 23 Apr 08

Is there a catch somewhere?

  iscanut 17:24 23 Apr 08

No catch..whatever version of AVG you are using ( free or paid for) it will be upgraded to the new version 8. Have just upgraded my copy and it looks a lot slicker than the older version, although I cannot comment at this stage if it is any better !

  Ventad 17:25 23 Apr 08

you sure it is the free version

  hssutton 17:31 23 Apr 08

Again are you sure? click here suggests that it's not free

  MAT ALAN 17:36 23 Apr 08

It is for the paid for version only...

The free edition as far as i am aware is still at beta2..

  Ventad 17:42 23 Apr 08

Got so far and the next installation window to click 'NEXT' says:-

Unistallation of AVG8 and reinstallation of AVG7
will be needed for a rollback to AVG7 after finnishing this installation ?

  Salut 17:48 23 Apr 08

Panic not! As you read through the link provided by Buteman, itme 5 states: Please follow the wizard to finish the installation process. While installing AVG 8.0, the previous version will be removed automatically. Your new AVG 8.0 version will automatically accept your current AVG 7.5 license key.

Final words are important-will... accept your current AVG 7.5 license key.

Therefore this update has to be for the paid for version only!

  cocteau48 17:48 23 Apr 08

Indeed ventad I got that far ... read the same...and backed out pending further confirmation that this is genuine.
Surely Grisoft have not gone down the age old con trick road of telling you the upgrade is FREE only to find that once you have upgraded there is a cost?

  FreeCell 17:52 23 Apr 08

Upgraded my paid for version 7.5 of AVG Internet Security. Much better looking interface and new features in the full version.

According to AVG website AVG Free v8.0 is launched on 24 April.
click here

  MAT ALAN 17:53 23 Apr 08


No i don't think it's a case of that, tad misleading
but i am sure a genuine error..

Also depends how you read it as it says FREE upgrade
some would assume it is for the FREE version..

The version 8 of the FREE edition is on track and i am sure it will be available soon...

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