free typing tutorial

  n4165si 13:40 17 Sep 06

can anyone reccommend a free suitable typing programme for my daughter ,i know there is a lot out there ,but choosing is a problem

  patsyanne 14:05 17 Sep 06
  Belatucadrus 14:11 17 Sep 06
  n4165si 14:37 17 Sep 06

patsyanne /belatucadrus
thank you for the help i will let her have a go and will come back

  n4165si 16:48 17 Sep 06

she feels more comfortable with the first suggestion and will use it ,although she is leaving both programmes on the system thank you both once again.

  Belatucadrus 16:54 17 Sep 06

No problem, that's the advantage with freebies, you can usually find one that suits without breaking the bank in the process.

  pj123 17:45 17 Sep 06

Don't forget you need to do at least 1 hour a day practice. If you don't, you aint gonna learn.

I used to teach typing and my speed is 70wpm.

My aim was to get everybody typing at least 45wpm (with no mistakes) after 19 hours. 45wpm is the minimum to pass an RSA Wordprocessing exam.

I have actually downloaded both the above programs and will give them a workout.

Now here is my "nit pick". The second link "Typing Tutor" says Learn to type using ten fingers. Well, we don't have ten fingers. Eight fingers and two thumbs. (I said it was a nit pick.) So, counting the thumbs as fingers you will only use 9 because the thumb on the left hand is not used at all in copy/touch typing.

Keep up the practice and it won't take long.

  sunny staines 21:15 17 Sep 06


  bluto1 23:10 17 Sep 06

Thanks for the info Gang

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