free surfmoney

  kdege 12:02 17 Jun 08

So in you can collect free surfmoney. And when you have enough money u can buy anything at the net: games, glothes runescape or wow member...
You have to just register at the website and fill it all in and there is text (refferrer if any right there lollisrollis) and just click (surf ads). There are many links there. Click those links and wait 30sec and you get a little bit free money.
Here’s the link where u can register: click here
Remember to join!

  hastelloy 12:38 17 Jun 08

this is a scam? click here takes a while to load. Click on the comments.

  Covergirl 12:48 17 Jun 08

FE Informed. It's on most if not every forum.
And well found the Tech Crunch article.

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