free space

  graham11 18:44 02 Oct 05

is there any kind of programs out there that will create a virtual hard drive for me laptop because me hard drive is full with only 1gb left on it ive heard of these virtual hard drives but i aint got a clue about them so any help would be soooo appreciated !!!

  SANTOS7 18:48 02 Oct 05

click here
you will need something like this....

  graham11 18:55 02 Oct 05

yer i know of these external hard drives but ive also heard of virtual hard drives that take the files of your computer and store them away so they dont fill up the hard drive i just want some advice on them please not the external hard drives !

  Stuartli 18:57 02 Oct 05

Are you thinking of internet based web storage facilities?

  graham11 18:59 02 Oct 05

yer i think so or programs that will store films ect and keep them out of me hard drive !!

  SANTOS7 19:03 02 Oct 05

click here
something like this maybe 10gigs (free)..

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