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  zalago 13:25 11 Jan 07

I've been asked to build a website (my first time) for my daughters small childrens nursery. I am looking for some WYSIWYG software that apart from helping the site look good will also allow visitors to download application forms in MS Word. I've looked at Serif Webplus 10, but can't see any thing that tells me I can have the download (or is it that I don't understand the jargon ?) I've also noticed free download software that look impressive, such as Blue Voda. But, what's their catch. Any advice/help would be much appreciated

  zalago 11:53 12 Jan 07

Reassurance and jargon busting much appreciated.

  Simsy 03:39 18 Jan 07

Serif WebPlus 6 , and use it, completely free from Serif's own free software site.

click here

You can upgrade from that to version 8 for only £9.99

The current version which came out recently, is 10.

I hope this helps,



  zalago 17:39 18 Jan 07

I've been checking all the web design forums and have gone the way Simsy suggested, with a free download of WebPlus 6 to check it out. Then I decided to go for broke and downloaded version 10. It seems pretty impressive to me and I'm on my way after just one day of looking through the tutorial. Its reassuring as well that they have a help forum on the Serif website as well. Thanks again.

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