Free SMS website

  ProfessorX 01:20 08 Nov 03

Any website provide free sms messages not only in uk mainland but also to others mobile phone in
foreign countries ?? thanks

  tulix 01:40 08 Nov 03
  john-232317 07:27 08 Nov 03

I tried the lycos site, two years ago, to send UK to Spain but it never arrived, might work now though. I will give it a try in reverse and see what happens..

  john-232317 07:42 08 Nov 03

Ooooops only UK operators....:-(

  anchor 08:48 08 Nov 03

If you have a Tiscali, or LineOne account, then you can send 10 per day free.

I connect to them once a month just to keep my "pay as you go" account active. You can then access the correct Tiscali page using any ISP.

click here

  Stuartli 08:57 08 Nov 03

Lycos's SMS service is, in my experience, completely useless - never had one delivered during the (not surprisingly) short time I used it.

  tulix 15:03 08 Nov 03

sorry guys but i use every day and each one gets sent pronto and arrives no problem???

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