free security software on Windows 8 lapto

  Damarc 10:37 28 Apr 13

I ask this question every time I get a new pc because I assume that free software potency will change over time. At the moment I have AVG 2013 anti virus, super antispyware and spyware blaster. All three have worked well with Vista Windows firewall and have kept my old laptop free from malware. Would you recommend these with Windows 8? Or are there now better ones. My local pc shop said that Windows 8 has good security software within,would that be your opinion as well. I don't download much, only updates and the occasional programme but as my new laptop is a hybrid tablet/laptop with touch screen I may be downloading some apps. The only other download is catch up tv. What would you advise please? Thas

  rdave13 10:47 28 Apr 13

Nothing wrong with what you have for Win 8. I'd also add the free version of Malwarebytes to the list.

  Damarc 10:55 28 Apr 13

Just to confirm, Windows 8 with its included security software is sufficient if I just add malwarebytes and I should forget the other 3 software?

  rdave13 11:03 28 Apr 13

I've ran with Defender and it's OK. When running that I also had Spywareblaster, SAS and Malwarebytes.

Now I have gone back to Avast free antivirus instead of Defender. Just a matter of personal preference. Scanning is much faster with AVG or Avast.

  onthelimit1 11:04 28 Apr 13

I use W8 with the built-in Defender (this is a combination of the old Defender antimalware and MSE antivirus). I run MBAM and Superantispyware once a week as a backup. Had no problems so far. Others will slag off Defender, but each to their own!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:08 28 Apr 13

Not a total fan of MSE its passable but does require backing up with Spyware Balaster Mawarebytes or SAS etc.

What you have is better although I find AVG a bit bloated nowadays and much prefer Avast

I have installed AVAst, SpywareBlaster, Malwarebytes, on several W8 laptops for family and friends, touch wood no problems reported back so far.

  Damarc 09:46 29 Apr 13

can you keep the defender firewall running with Avast or AVG and the SAS or malwarebytes or do you have to turn that off as well

  isca2 11:49 29 Apr 13

You can only have 1 firewall and one anti virus running at same time but multiple malware programs.

  onthelimit1 13:45 29 Apr 13

Defender is turned off automatically in W8 if you install third party antivirus.

  Damarc 09:17 30 Apr 13

You have all been very helpful, thank you. I have downloaded avast, malwarebytes and SAS. I want to check that defender is off but have no idea where to find it. I have tried control panel but it only gives the firewall option [which I have left on]. I am finding Windows 8 very challenging in trying to locate stuff that I had no problem finding before. Can someone tell me please. Thank you

  radi8or 09:49 30 Apr 13

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Windows Defender.

HTH ;0))

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