Free Security Software

  RKMonty 21:16 23 Feb 09

I will be getting a new Desktop soon and wnated your views on the 'free' secutiry software I have chosen.........
1 AVG Anti Virus
2 Zone Alarm
3 AdAware
4 Spybot
My pc will have MS Vista.
Is my list...good or bad, too little or too much...any comments appreciated.
Finally......Can I download these programs onto a CD or similar and then install them from the CD/similar ? or when I'm installing does the pc need access to the internet to complete the installation process

  birdface 21:26 23 Feb 09

I would forget Adaware and Spybot.And get malwarebytes + A squared + Spywareblaster.The rest are Ok.

  Technotiger 21:27 23 Feb 09

Apart from ZA, looks ok to me. I don't use, but recommend Comodo firewall, as I think it may be preferred over ZA.

An additional Spyware I recommend is SuperAntiSpyware.

Usually best to download and install on-line, that way one usually picks up the latest updates to the various programs.

The above is only my opinion, I am sure you will get plenty of others.

  bluto1 21:47 23 Feb 09

Avast 4 is a good alternative to AVG, as Technotiger said we all differ slightly. If you do decide to load them onto a CD/DVD then do not forget to update each one on installation. Whatever you install be comfortable with it. In my opinion a good Registry cleaner is RegScrub, but I don't know if it's compatible with Vista, if that's your ISP.

  AL47 21:54 23 Feb 09

i have
zone alarm, [never change that]
avg [considering chnging]
malwarebytes [seems good so far]

  RKMonty 22:12 23 Feb 09

I was only thinking of loading them from a cd as if I went on the internet to install that time I would have no protection whilst I was downloading the progs

  Technotiger 22:16 23 Feb 09

Hmm, you still have to download them in order to put them on CD!

  RKMonty 22:18 23 Feb 09

Technotiger....Yes but I would download them on my present pc wher i have software on, I have had this pc for years and wanted to know info on the current security software thanks for your info it useful and this site is great

  Technotiger 22:19 23 Feb 09

PS - a Senior moment perhaps; you could of course use a different PC to download them and put on CD - having too many Senior moments lately LoL ...

  RKMonty 22:21 23 Feb 09

At my age........ I get those moments too !!

  brundle 22:30 23 Feb 09

No rootkit protection with AVG, Avast or Antivir include it though.

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