Free repair disk program for Vista Home

  BillSers 05:06 07 Jan 15

I've got the three recovery discs which takes it back to factory settings but formats and wipes everything. I want to only do a repair and still keep all my progs and data which you can't do without the single OS disc. Is there a free download which I can burn to disc?

BTW I've Googled and got a few links but none of them state if they're non-destructive.

I don't particularly want to save my stuff and revert to factory settings because here in the Philippines the internet is slow and it would take forever. As you probably know sfc check on Vista and above is next to useless.


  xania 11:02 07 Jan 15

There are various versions of Vista, and any download will need to be for the same version so that your serial number will be accepted.

I dount you will get anything for free. However, you might like to look at this:

click here

  spuds 14:54 07 Jan 15

There are a number of 'recovery and repair' type discs available on eBay. Have you checked there, because it might solve your problem. Posting though might be another thing, which you will need to check with the seller.

This is the type of disc that I am suggesting. Used these myself, and they seem to work, but you do need to read the menu's on the discs click here

  Belatucadrus 15:40 07 Jan 15

Not I think what you are looking for but Windows Repair is a useful suite of tools.

  rdave13 16:08 07 Jan 15

Found this but over 3GB download. Site looks ok, no warning when initiating the download. If you do try the download don't forget to scan.

  robintheumpteenth 17:15 07 Jan 15

It used to be possible to make a Repair Install on XP.

For Vista and Windows 7, this is now referred to as an In-place Upgrade.

You start Windows as normal and run the Setup.exe file on the single OS DVD. You don't boot from the DVD.

click here only place I know for reliable, official downloads is Heidoc/Digital River

click here down to Create your own bootable Vista iso image

Burn the iso image to a blank DVD

Backup all important data to an external drive or elsewhere first as a precaution.

The Scroll

  BillSers 06:21 08 Jan 15

Xania and spuds: unfortunately ebay is out for me in Cebu.

Belatucadrus: I've run your repair and I think this has fixed my idiosyncrasies.

rdave 13: I'm downloading for future but the ticking clock says 5 hours to lift off and that's if my signal doesn't break.

robintheumpteeth: both links take me to for paid versions, but that's maybe because of my location.

Many thanks guys.

  xania 13:37 09 Jan 15

PLease tick as resolved

  rdave13 18:35 09 Jan 15

BillSers did you manage the download? I'd have tried overnight...well over your overnight time :)

  BillSers 03:29 10 Jan 15

It took 7 hours including overnight. Thanks.

  BillSers 03:30 10 Jan 15

PLease tick as resolved.


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