Free registry mechanic

  lecram 08:45 24 May 07

Can someone please point me in the right direction to download a free edition of registry mechanic. Would appreciate it!

  mymate 09:29 24 May 07

The free offer for it has finished.If you Google registry mechanic 5 free ,you can still see the links to the free version but its finished .

  birdface 12:50 24 May 07

Hi,If you can download it somewhere,it's Version that you want,It is easy enough to get the keycode.

  skidzy 17:42 24 May 07

As Mymate says,the free version (5) is finished,all the downloads i could find are for version need to pay im afraid.

  sunny staines 18:21 24 May 07

I still load on peoples computers I help out. I have the download saved but not sure how to email it. The VNU Network serial still works as its built into the download rather than going online.

  skidzy 18:54 24 May 07

as long as the program has not been run and is saved just as you downloaded it,just attatch it to the email.

All my systems have been reset to factory setting,and lost my version of RM5.

if you would like to try sending the program,contact me via the yellow envelope.

Or click here

i deleted mine whilst uninstalling system mechanic, if you could try and mail it to me too,would be appreciated

  sunny staines 21:28 24 May 07

skidzy / raven
i have emailed the envelope

  skidzy 21:37 24 May 07

Replied :-))

email sent

  rawprawn 09:46 25 May 07

I had the free version on my old XP PC and I loaded it onto my new Vista PC with no problem using the VNU Code. Unfortunately it expired after 30 days so I had to uninstall it.

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