Free Public Wi Fi

  ivesy 18:38 25 Feb 08

My partner has noticed tonight that there is a 'free public wi fi' connection available in our area.

Now I've heard of such things in city centres but not out here in the sticks!

The icon in the connection screen shows 2 laptops instead of the usual transmitter.

We've no intention of using it but wondered if this is some sort of way to get people's data who connect to it?

Or am I just being cynical?

  computerboy1000 13:08 26 Feb 08

ok this is an Ac Hoc network this means that there is no base stations involved, someones computer is broadcasting infomation so when someone connects they are connecting to another computer, this could run software to hack machines BEWARE

  ivesy 18:26 26 Feb 08

cheers. It's gone now but it just seemed a bit suspicious to me!

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