Free and perfect program to wipe a hard drive??

  julius44 07:09 05 May 10

Hello and good morning everyone, my friend is about to buy a brand new laptop, and she wishes to give her old laptop to her brother who is abroad, but first she wants to COMPLETELY wipe the laptop 100%. She has already gotten a portable external hard drive to transfer all her important docs, pictures, etc. She needs a program that will totally wipe her hide drive of ALL data(obviously not the operating system, lol!!!) and it must be TOTALLY FREE and simple to use......just like install, 1 click, and all data is gone and cannot be retrieved. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks

  tullie 07:29 05 May 10

If you wipe the hard drive,the Operating System also goes.

  michaelw 08:51 05 May 10

I think Eraser will wipe the hd and still retain what you choose, but I'm not 100%.

  tullie 09:06 05 May 10

Your best bet is to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

  sil_ver 11:23 05 May 10

There's only one way to completely wipe a HDD and that is to take a hammer to it. There are programs out there that can retrieve data from any working HDD that has been used.Having said that, it's unlikely that anyone would want to go to the expense of so doing. For reasonable safety you can use the HDD manufacturers bootable floppy to write a series of ones and zeroes across the whole HDD. Unfortunately if your recovery O/S is on a hidden partition you could easily erase that too if not careful.

  Toneman 11:25 05 May 10

I may be wrong but I think the only way to completely remove data from a Hard Drive is to physically destroy it, other than a program which overwrites the data many,many times.

  Toneman 11:26 05 May 10

Beat me to it!

  DieSse 13:05 05 May 10

Eraser, Killdisk, DBan and manufacturers "zero-fill" utilities will all overwrite everything (programs and data included).

There's a lot of rubbish talked about recovering data from overwritten drives, and most of it is just that - rubbish.

It's extraordinarily difficult to recover data from a properly overwritten drive, and takes special equipment that is not generally available.

From Vista onward, even a full format overwrites data with zeroes. That's more than enough.

  interzone55 15:12 05 May 10

CCleaner will securely delete temp files etc, and there is now an option to wipe free space.

You can chose simple delete or overwrite several times with random data.

Note that secure deletion of all the free space on a large hard drive can take several hours.

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