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  Ade_1 16:15 14 Aug 06

Hi, I was wondering if there was a Free PDF Creator which allows you to have hyperlinks in the PDF Document. I am currently using CutePDF but when I make hyperlinks then covert it to a PDF it doesnt accept hyperlinks, or so it seems...

So, I was wondering if there were any other free PDF creators which allow you to have hyperlinks.

Thanks in advance


  ade.h 16:56 14 Aug 06

I haven't specifically had a need to create hyperlinks in PDFs, but Open Office's export to PDF fetaure might be able to retain them.

Just tested it, and it does work!

  Jackcoms 17:00 14 Aug 06
  Taff™ 17:33 14 Aug 06

Have a read click here I suspect this might be your problem. Read right down to the end of the thread and see what dogbreath`s final solution was. He did send me a copy of his pdf and it did retain the links - so it works!

  ade.h 17:35 14 Aug 06

Thanks, but I haven't got a problem. Presume you meant Ade_1 ;-)

  Maturin 18:04 14 Aug 06

Try cutepdf - marvellous programme and the associated PDF companion programme for editing PDF files is very good IMHO. Goto click here

  dogbreath1 20:15 14 Aug 06

After hours of trying to achieve this, I eventually succeeded with a free application.

With much assistance from Taff™ and a bit of messing about with application configuration, success was had.

I've reproduced the post that matters:-

"...Adobe Reader 7.0 plus PDF Creator (with GhostScript) 0.9.2 plus PDF-T-Maker = Ability to preserve enbedded hyperlinks in documents converted from .doc to .pdf format. It works. Config of the latter two programs needs to be done carefully...but it works.

If anyone tries it and can't get it to work, post back and I'll publish my config settings."

If you do find another route, please let us know but should you be stuck with mine and you require any help, don't hesitate to ask.

  dogbreath1 20:17 14 Aug 06

...preserving hyperlinks in a .pdf converted from a Word document.

  dogbreath1 20:25 14 Aug 06
  Wak 20:34 14 Aug 06

You can create FREE PDFs on line with the following
click here

Hope this helps?

  howard63 21:05 14 Aug 06

expert pdf the old version [3.0]is free to download and use you just have to register to get the code.

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