FREE PC! is this for real?

  hugh-265156 15:49 23 Jan 04

or is it a windup?

click here

  Belatucadrus 16:05 23 Jan 04

click here and click here for a couple of old threads on Metronomy. Terminus was going to give it a shot, no idea what happened after that as FE locked the thread.

  Djohn 20:37 23 Jan 04

huggyg71, ask spikey! ;o)

  hugh-265156 21:05 23 Jan 04


  PC Mad Boy. 22:09 23 Jan 04

What a load of old Cadswollop!

  hugh-265156 00:20 24 Jan 04

PC Mad Boy,how do you know?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:47 24 Jan 04

'PC Mad Boy,how do you know?'......ask yourself one question...would you put your last £5 into this scheme?

1) No one has yet received a PC.

2) The 'business plan' relies on advertising in an already saturated market.I do not think many advertisers will sign up knowing that the adverts are forced and are unlikely to be read by the users.

3) Similar schemes have been tried before without success.

4) The economy is not in rude health at the moment. Atttracting sponsors will be double difficult.

5) Financial investors will not touch this with the proverbial barge-pole, especially in a market that is languishing at half it's value of 18 months ago.

6) 15" monitors would make Genghis Khan weep. ;-))


  hugh-265156 00:57 24 Jan 04

i think it was a computer active magazine i got the info from.GANDALF <|:-)> how do you know its not legit?

15" monitors would make Genghis Khan weep. ;-))

and my mate weep with joy if this were true.

  Djohn 01:29 24 Jan 04

Found these two post just about to fall off page 10 of the other room. click here and click here Hope they are of use to you, and more importantly, your friend. j.

  PC Mad Boy. 08:15 24 Jan 04

There is never anything in life for free. Djohn has got it spot on.

  Forum Editor 09:28 24 Jan 04

1. As far as I can see there's nothing illegal about this scheme - it's a perfectly valid business plan.

2. No one has yet received a PC because the scheme's founders clearly state on the site that no PC's will be delivered before the middle of February.

3. Similar schemes have been tried before, without success, and that doesn't bode well for this one. It doesn't mean that it will fail, but it doesn't look like the best bet in the worldd from an investor's point of view. That shouldn't concern you though - you have nothing to lose except some time.

The scheme may fail, or it may be an outstanding success, there's no way of knowing for sure. One thing that we should avoid though is giving an impression that it is in some way illegal, or is a 'scam' - because as far as I can tell it's not.

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