LANDCRUISER 12:09 28 Dec 07

Hi anyone know of a free password maker that will work with norton 360 on vista pc,i know that norton do one but i thought i save some money if possible

  MAJ 12:34 28 Dec 07
  LANDCRUISER 12:50 28 Dec 07

Thanks MAJ could you expand as how this works ie can i get to see these password myself just in case it make a mistake in the future so i can re-enter password if needed,do you just download software & it does the rest all do i have to start it ta

  Technotiger 12:56 28 Dec 07

Install and run SIW, you will then be able to see all your passwords when you click on Secrets in the left-hand column. It is also a very useful utility to have.

click here

  MAJ 13:04 28 Dec 07

Hi LANDCRUISER. As Technotiger says, or backup your passwords, you should back them up in any case.

  MAJ 13:06 28 Dec 07

I'm not sure that SIW will show you your wireless password though, so be careful when relying on it, check first.

  MAJ 13:11 28 Dec 07

Sorry LANDCRUISER, I misread your last post. You copy the password from that link I posted, then you use that for whatever you want to password protect, no software needed, just make sure you take a note of it and save it in a safe place.

  Technotiger 13:19 28 Dec 07

It shows my Router password, but NOT key used for home network.

  LANDCRUISER 13:22 28 Dec 07

Thanks both of you for your input,on backups i have seagate 500gb external drive that came with there software for backing up & as you know norton 360 also have a backup just wanted to know if its legal to use the norton backup on the seagate unit & take the seagate software off because i notice that the seagate software does not back certain things up

  MAJ 13:58 28 Dec 07

You can use whichever backup software you wish and that works for you, LANDCRUISER.

  Technotiger 14:00 28 Dec 07

Best Back-up software by a mile is Acronis True Image IMHO anyway!

click here

Worth its weight in Gold.

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