Free online AV scans.

  Bally 2k4 15:42 27 Jan 04

Do you know any site to scan my PC for any viruses? I heard that mcafee have a good one but dont now the adress.....

Thanks in advance

  Trolley 15:44 27 Jan 04

If you want a scanner that is free, then try AVG antivirus. You can download and use it for free as long as it is only for home use.

It will scan any drive for viruses including USB drives.

Also has a built in automatic updater so that it keeps itself up-to-date.

The address for the download is:

click here

  Bally 2k4 15:49 27 Jan 04

I have that but a another opinion.

  davejo 15:50 27 Jan 04

Go here click here and follow the instructions. May take a while to download the check files on dail up....but worth the wait.

  Bally 2k4 15:53 27 Jan 04

Thanks davejo!

  hugh-265156 15:59 27 Jan 04

AV scan click here

firewall test click here

  hugh-265156 16:01 27 Jan 04

ps.i would install avg and use it. the online scans are handy as alternative.

  Bally 2k4 16:02 27 Jan 04

Thanks huggyg71 but like i have stated before in the thread i have got it. Thanks for the test.

  johnnyrocker 16:09 27 Jan 04

click here click here is what you want i think.


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