free ntl upgrade up and running

  joeltr 11:22 08 Mar 05

just contacted ntl, their up grade for 300m phone 0800 052 2000, has begun,cheers

  Pesala 11:30 08 Mar 05

click here

What do you get for 3Gbyte bandwidth per month? click here

I called NTL. They were unable to confirm whether the upgrade is available yet or not.

  joeltr 11:39 08 Mar 05

on ntl homepage it says 12 hours per day surfing 60 odd emails etc, more than enough for average user, the girl i spoke to seemed to know what i was on about, and my machine is whizzing now, joel.

  Pesala 12:32 08 Mar 05

On click here it says *600* emails per day. Even enough for me. Maybe I'll try calling again later, and see if I get a less clueless operator.

Anybody else able to confirm that the upgrade is available. I'm in London.

  Pesala 12:33 08 Mar 05

That's 600 per week not per day

  kimosabi 13:38 08 Mar 05

free upgrade today pretty good thanks for the tip
regards kimo

  Bleep 14:08 08 Mar 05

This is a bad rip off: click here

1Mb 1000Kbs / 100Kbps From 1000Kbps / 256Kbps

2Mb 2000Kbs 200Kbps

3Mb 3000Kbs 300Kbps

That means that those who used to have a 1MB service have gone from a 256Kbps to a 100Kbps upload, which means for me XBOX live and sending large files has now become a nightmare....

Changing to BT ASAP.

  Pesala 14:22 08 Mar 05

All done. Not sure if the upload will be any slower than I had before. It was always a lot slower than the 300 kbs download speed.

  Pesala 14:33 08 Mar 05

Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:35:03 GMT

1st 128K took 164720 ms = 796 Bytes/sec = approx 7 kbits/sec

2nd 128K took 6430 ms = 20384 Bytes/sec = approx 170 kbits/sec

3rd 128K took 3620 ms = 36208 Bytes/sec = approx 301 kbits/sec

4th 128K took 4670 ms = 28067 Bytes/sec = approx 234 kbits/sec

Tue, 08 Mar 2005 14:28:02 GMT

1st 128K took 73550 ms = 1782 Bytes/sec = approx 15 kbits/sec

2nd 128K took 3680 ms = 35617 Bytes/sec = approx 296 kbits/sec

3rd 128K took 1090 ms = 120250 Bytes/sec = approx 1000 kbits/sec

4th 128K took 1050 ms = 124830 Bytes/sec = approx 1039 kbits/sec

  Pesala 14:48 08 Mar 05

Seems as fast as it ever was to publish pages from my website, if not faster. Browsing is obviously much faster.

  Bleep 14:54 08 Mar 05

My mouth opened before my brain had started and my above comment is the result.............


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