Free Nero 6 Update

  NICK ADSL UK 21:14 02 Dec 03

Free Nero 6 Update

Please note:

The update of Nero 6 consists of four packages. Each package contains updates for special programs. You can decide on your own, which program you want to update. We recommend to update all programs regularly.

┬╗latest software version numbers

Update Package 1
Current version:
Release date: December 2nd, 2003

Update Package 2
Current version:
Release date: December 2nd, 2003

Update Package 3
Current version:
Release date:

Update Package 4
Current version:
Release date: December 2nd, 2003

Filesize: 22.35 MB
(23443548 bytes)
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  sattman 21:34 02 Dec 03

I am left wondering what I did wrong.

I tried to upgrade from version 5.5 to latest, the installation went well as it told me it was removing my original version.

It then informed me the serial No of my version (Which I knew anyway) and it said I would need this later.

As the final stage of installing vers 6 it asked me for the verification No and then decided that this was invalid and could not continue would I contact my service provider!!!

I decided to reinstall version 5.5

  Salinger 21:44 02 Dec 03

Does anyone else find this constant spamming at the end of these posts a pain in the Unowot?

  NICK ADSL UK 22:23 02 Dec 03

Hi sattman the nero 6 updates are only for people who have purchased version 6 only.They are NOT updates to versiom 5.5



Administrator of xp smokers forum

  Cook2 22:58 02 Dec 03

Go here click here

  The Spires 01:18 03 Dec 03

Salinger, No I don't find it a problem, the guy is trying to help.

  Stuartli 08:57 03 Dec 03

I think you may have become confused by the fact that it was possible to upgrade from Nero 5 to 5.5 on the ahead website.

Nero 6 is a brand new launch and it is made clear by ahead that only purchasing it or receiving a copy with a new rewriter will allow access to future, regular upgrades.

But ahead has provided at least one, possibly two, upgrades to Nero 5.5, so there's no need to feel left out..:-)

As Cook2 points out, is the latest Nero 5.5 update.

  david.h 18:37 03 Dec 03

nero 5.5 users can still upgrade the INCD section of nero 6 updates.

Tried D/loading the files they got to 99% and then hung, got fed up after half an hour and terminated the D/loads.

sorted? first tried usa site, tonight tried german site and all ok now.

[email protected]

  sattman 22:46 03 Dec 03

I was confused and had not understood that Version 6 was not an upgrade. thanks all for your replies.

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