Free Music programs for listening from an ipod

  sheila.weston 01 Aug 11

I was hoping that I could get onto the spotify website from my new ipod, to listen to free music online, as I can do from my laptop. Alas it seems to want me to download an app or program which will cost me something. The free option doesn't appear to be available.

Is there an alternative program that I could use?

I have bought the ipod chiefly for borrowing audiobooks from the local library, but am exploring the other capabilities.

Any help much appreciated.

  northumbria61 01 Aug 11

Is this any good for your needs ? link text

  Woolwell 01 Aug 11

Search through itunes. Is it the ipod touch? - if so see Spotify

  sheila.weston 01 Aug 11

I don't think that winamp is what I want. But I am completely out of my depth here.

Yes, Woolwell, I have spent some time going through the various help files on spotify, but when I eventually found the download page for the app it had just the TWO options which were both PAID, which implies that the free version is for the pc only.

  Woolwell 01 Aug 11

According to my itunes store it is a free app. If you open my link and click on view in itunes then it should be ok. It should then transfer to your ipod.

  eedcam 02 Aug 11

Spotify free is a bit naff now you only get 5 plays each track for free unless o fcourse you record it


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