Free Firewall for Vista

  LeedsLass 13:47 19 Oct 07

Can anyone recommend one - I've tried Jetico but I'm really struggling with it - it's far too agressive and blocks almost everything (which would be fine if I could work out how to configure it but atm I can get on google but that's it - no yahoo, hotmail, messenger, facebook, nothing).

Any others that are a little more user-friendly. I've got Kerio on my XP laptop and desktop and quite like it.

  Sheik Yerbouti 13:52 19 Oct 07

Try this click here
with the Firewall already built into Vista.

  keef66 13:53 19 Oct 07

what's wrong with Vista's own firewall? I thought it was supposed to be the most secure Windows version ever released.

  Sheik Yerbouti 13:54 19 Oct 07

PS if you use Broadband, your router with Vista Firewall will do just fine.

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