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  blazingbadger 13:00 14 Apr 09

I have 3 clips I want to splice but when I use Windows Movie Maker I can't convert it to any other Media type. ie MPG AVI etc. I have tried video pad but it is not compatable with Vista. Can any body recomend a good but Free suite.

  woodchip 13:18 14 Apr 09
  Les28 16:19 14 Apr 09

What format are you original clips? You say you can't convert to any other media type? Any other media type than what?
Can't you save it in WMM under More Settings as DV-AVI (PAL)

click here

  blazingbadger 19:24 14 Apr 09

flv There from you tube and is a promotional film entitled The night Mail

  blazingbadger 19:50 14 Apr 09

Les28 I feel So silly I have tried what you have said and it works. I think I have to get used to the movie maker and read the help abit more. Oh and videopad is now vista friendly.

  BT 07:35 15 Apr 09

..from click here

Will download .flv files from Youtube and convert to many formats including .WMV files which will load into Windows Movie Maker.
You can load in any .flv files you have already downloaded.

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