free disk tool? - fat16 to NTFS

  zoobie 08:36 25 Apr 07

Still looking for that small free ap that you click the drive's properties and it allows you to select NTFS. I had it then lost it.

Something changed my D drive to FAT16. I d/l'ed a ton of aps and quickly deleted them all.


  Technotiger 08:59 25 Apr 07

Hi, to convert, click Start, and point to ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, and then click COMMAND PROMPT. Then to convert the C: drive, for example, to NTFS, type:

CONVERT C: /FS:NTFS and hit the ENTER key.

Then re-start computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:08 25 Apr 07

Technotiger is correct it is easy to convert
In your case the command should be:-

D: /FS:NTFS and hit the ENTER key.

  zoobie 09:45 25 Apr 07

I don't want to convert...I want to reset the D disk properties with a little ap I lost.

  Technotiger 10:05 25 Apr 07

Is it among this lot then ...

click here

  Jack Hackett 15:04 25 Apr 07

If you want to RESET your drive to back NTFS then use the CONVERT command as mentioned earlier.
Canvert/reset, what does the terminology matter, when the end result is the same.

more puzzling is how your NTFS got converted to FAT16, even the convert tool cant do that, its a ONE WAY procedure.

  zoobie 03:06 26 Apr 07

Yes...It's puzzling. The little ap I was looking for was on a Maxtor Maxblast installation disk but it was just coincidence.
I may have just filled the D drive up all the way (250gb) and it's having trubble...or possibly even failing so I removed some data.
Anyway, I noticed when I ran Knoppix Linux and accessed D drive, Windows shows the lable properly again on the reboot.
I'll see how it goes but this thread is moot.

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