Free Disk Space

  User-178362 13:27 16 Jan 06

I have 194 pictures on a disk that is 700mb. When I click on the disk, Free space is 47.1 mb. Total space is 47.7mb. This I do not understand as I have such alot on the disk it doesn't seem to be takeing up any space. I am worried if I add more pic to the disk would I overright some of the other pictures? If I understanding correctly the disk has hardly been used.

  Pamy 14:08 16 Jan 06

are you sure you are talking about Mb and not Gb?


Ps=S. what kind of disk is it

  User-178362 14:24 16 Jan 06

Sure. When I hover over the disk in My Computer it says MB on free space and total space. The disk is CD-R80, 52x700mb PC is XP Pro.

  Skyver 14:33 16 Jan 06

It's been burned as a multi-session disk, the `total size` will always show the size of the last set of files that were burned.
click here

To find the true size use something like Treesize, click here or hold shift and select all the folders/files on the disk - the status bar will show the total size of all files, or you can right click and select Properties.

  User-178362 14:58 16 Jan 06

I have put another disk in. Clicked on properties. I have 4.67mb space left. If I put to large a picture in will it overright any of the others and will it be finalized? Do you think its a good idear to download Treesize? I have read it but not digested.If I download maybe it will fall into place.

  Skyver 15:00 16 Jan 06

If you're using XP's built in CD writer it will just refuse to write to the disc if you try to write more information than there is free space.
Treesize is free, it's easy to uninstall if you don't like it.

  User-178362 15:03 16 Jan 06

Thank you

  User-178362 15:08 16 Jan 06

Do you think I should select a Quick Launch icon

  Skyver 15:11 16 Jan 06

For Treesize? Personally I only check the `Context menu` option. That way you can right click on C: driv or a CD and select Treesize from there.

  User-178362 15:39 16 Jan 06

I clicked on all three, Now I have an Icon on my desktop. Then when I finalized, I had a window come up on the desk top. I think if was putting down every think I have in my PC.Do you think I should uninstall it, I do not know what was going on? As far as I know I just need to see how much space I have left on my disk. My knowledge of PC's is very little.

  Skyver 16:58 16 Jan 06

It just runs once upon installation, you won't see it again unless you click on it. To check your CDs, click My Computer, right click once on your CDROM or DVD drive letter , select Treesize from the menu and it will scan the CD/DVD for files and give you a total size in the first line, aswell as individual folder size.

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