Free Copy DVD to another blank DVD

  geedad 03 Sep 11

Is there a reliable FREE copier of DVDs that Forum members can recommend? I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, but I cannot find a copier with this. I have authored a DVD for playing on a Video Player, but I need to copy this rather than go through the process of authoring the same video again.

Thanks, geedad

  Woolwell 03 Sep 11

Most pcs come with burning/copying software eg Nero. Do you have something like that already?

  onthelimit1 03 Sep 11

ImgBurn should do the trick


  Pine Man 03 Sep 11

Imgburn - excellent bit of software found at -

  Pine Man 03 Sep 11

onthelimit - beat me to it!

  onthelimit1 03 Sep 11

Sorry - makes a change!

  eedcam 03 Sep 11

Geedad surely when you made the original it also created either a Video_ts folder or an Iso image you could just burn that again of course using Imgburn as suggested

  geedad 03 Sep 11

Thanks all forum members. You are so quick! I had just taken a glance at the PcAdvisor downloads, and found Nero. Tried it, works fine and thanks to you all! geedad

  eedcam 03 Sep 11

Nero YUK! apart from Imgburn being superior it will be well into burning the dvd before nero is even open and ready

  geedad 03 Sep 11

eedcam. Thanks. Your comments have been gratefully noted. I thought Nero a touch too slow, so will try your suggestion. geedad


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