Free cloning to external usb drive.

  bumpkin 22:49 28 Jan 14

I wish to make an exact copy of a hdd, not a compressed one or an archive, to an external drive connected via usb. Looking on the net there seems to be plenty of cloning software but none of them state external drives so unless I download it and try I don't know, does anyone know of something suitable.

  nickf 23:13 28 Jan 14

I believe Clonezilla should do the trick .

  Batch 08:46 29 Jan 14

Macrium Reflect Free - I have this installed. I just started it up without USB drive attached - tried to clone but no destination available (not surprising).

Attached USB hard drive, restarted Macrium, and on going to clone was offered USB drive to clone to. So I guess it supports it OK.

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