free CD's

  pupae 22:32 04 Feb 04

can the free cd's im forever being sent be reused? what im talking about is the tiscali aol freeserve etc etc, the connection discs. can you use your cdrw to use them again? seems a waste not to

  User-312386 22:34 04 Feb 04

the "cd's" are cd-r's and can not be used again

  VoG II 22:36 04 Feb 04
  pupae 22:37 04 Feb 04

what a waste, outrageous no wonder the planet blahdie blah blah

  Jester2K 08:17 05 Feb 04

"the "cd's" are cd-r's and can not be used again "

They are not even CD-Rs they are factory pressed CDs which means the data is stamped into a metal sheet and not burnt into a dye layer like a CDR / CDRW.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:27 05 Feb 04

Two coasters.


  Big Elf 15:30 05 Feb 04

Good for target practice too.

  Diemmess 16:18 05 Feb 04

Sorry Big Elf, my shots always go through the middle

  Big Elf 17:20 05 Feb 04

Curiously so do mine:0)

  john-232317 17:33 05 Feb 04

There and i thought i was missing them....

  Stuartli 17:35 05 Feb 04

Apart from the cost (CD-RWs are more expensive to manufacture because of the technology incorporated i.e. reusable with a rewriter), CD-ROMs have been used in this form for several years.

In any case, you should avoid CD-RWs wherever possible as they are a long way from being as efficient or reliable as a CD-R - if you want to prevent CD-R wastage use it in multisession form until it is full.

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