Free AVG or spend?

  sorefingers 01:06 13 Jun 04

I've run AVG and Zonealarm (free) for several years now, and still get invaded by trojans, worms etc.
Does anyone think its worth paying out for the "extra" protection promised by say, Norton etc. and Zonealarm Pro?

  Cook2 01:56 13 Jun 04

click here and try this FREE one.

I've had Norton's and PcCillin but find the above better than both.

  Cook2 01:58 13 Jun 04

and nearly forgot, click here for a FREE firewall.

  hugh-265156 03:19 13 Jun 04

free avg is updated more often than most paid for software in my opinion.

regardless of software brand,if you dont check for and install updates regulary then you might as well not have anything installed.

how did you know you were "invaded by trojans, worms etc"? did avg tell you and then let you scan to remove it? if so it was doing its job.

  bananaslik 07:31 13 Jun 04

hi sorefingers i agree with cook2 i use avast & it is very good,since installing it iv'e not had any problems & it updates just about everytime i connect..

  rawprawn 08:51 13 Jun 04

You can get ETrust firewall & antivirus free for 1 year, rated about the best there is overall.

  prima12 09:41 13 Jun 04

I use ETrust A/V and find it very effective. I do pay an annual subscription, but it only costs me £8.00, and I usually get at least one update per day. I used to use AVG but found that there were quite long periods between updates. Have never had any trouble with ETrust and would recommend it to anybody.

  €dstowe 10:11 13 Jun 04

After many years of using free AVG without any problems, I felt a twinge of guilt at such good free service for such a long time, I bought the paid for version (AVG7). This again is excellent, very low cost and my licence runs for many years - unlike an annual fee charged by some others.


  sorefingers 11:32 13 Jun 04

....I found out when I was bombarded with popups and my startup page constantly refused to accept my choice!
I have since had to restore hdd to factory settings and still get popups and the startpage is still playing up!!
If I decide to try another a/v, should I uninstall my current software?

  Irishman 12:08 13 Jun 04

Sounds more like spyware than a virus. Download these

click here
click here

  Dumble452 12:22 13 Jun 04

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