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  feb 07 Jul 12

Hi, I have used AVG in the past and am using Avast at present, but I would be interested to hear members views on the latest anti virus programs available for free!

For me, you've used two of the top three - the other one worth considering is Microsoft Security Essentials. I used to have AVG on all the PCs in the past, but fell out of love with it and now have a mix of Avast and MSE. Never had any problems (touch wood...)

  john bunyan 07 Jul 12

I use Avira.

  pookie 07 Jul 12

avast free version - seems to get good reviews

  feb 08 Jul 12

Thanks for your replies, MSE seems to be getting some good reviews!

  Pine Man 08 Jul 12

Been using paid for security suites for years until recently when I changed to Microsoft Security Essentials, SpywareBlaster and W7 firewall.

My PC flies along now with no problems at all.

  Cyberman1969 09 Jul 12

PC Technician : I always tell my clients to have a full security you need ideally 2 programs:

1: Antivirus :- AVG Free 2: Malware, Spyware, Grayware, etc : Malwarebytes

never have more than 1 antivirus on your computer, they clash badly. You can install more than 1 malware program ,I would also suggest Spydoctor SD, please when installing Spydoctor SD dont fall for installing another of similar name ,it is verry easy to fall for this when following the download procedure ,just be careful what you click on.

WHY 2 programs: These days antivirus programs do also find malware but they are keyed to concentrate on just looking for viruses, I always find malware that the antivirus solution didnt find when using a malware program.

If you find that you have a real nasty virus that wont let you even get to safe mode ,never mind the desktop then you need to use a bootable antivirus program , nicknamed Bart, you can find these from AVG and Avira ,just google them, you need to download the ISO not the .exe, and you need to then burn the iso to a disc, if you dont know how to do this ,then google how :)

hope all this helps....

Darrell The Cyberman - PC Technician, PC Doctor.

  steviekm 10 Jul 12

have used most of the above for many years but last year switched my stratagy . As most antivirus /security tests shoe as good as free antivirus etc is the paid for versions are better. By trawling the internet, over the past years or so I have been using ESET Smart Security 5 as well as ESET antivirus 5 (both latest versions) on a full 6 month trial period-one after the other giving me a full 1 year for nothing. Having also tried the top rated Bitdefender Total Security 2012 again available on a free 6 month trial (this dragged down my low spec machine too much) I am currently using (and very happy with the lates and up to date version of Norton Antivirus 2012 again on a free 6 month trial . This is currently available by goggling "sparkingdark website (for some reason this website won't allow links at the moment) and follow the instructions. The latest 2013 Bitdefender is available on a 90 day trial from the downloadcrew website, again follow the instructions.

Happy hunting all-all it takes is a little research but just remember to remove the old software properly (I always use the relevent removal tool as well as REVO) before switching.


  lotvic 10 Jul 12

Cyberman1969 - Darrell, friendly word of caution, don't advertise, you'll likely get banned and posts deleted.


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