free anti virus

  firebirdb 19:46 PM 19 May 11

which is the best truly free "Anti-Virus" download

  tullie 19:50 PM 19 May 11

In my opinion Avast followed by AVG

  johnnyrocker 19:51 PM 19 May 11



  onthelimit1 20:01 PM 19 May 11


  mgmcc 20:07 PM 19 May 11

I'd suggest it depends on what you want to run it in.

For a low powered computer such as a Netbook, I'd suggest Avira AntiVir; for a powerful Windows 7 PC, there is Microsoft Security Essentials. Otherwise, there are Avast and AVG, of which I prefer Avast, although it can cause a mediocre PC to slow down quite noticeably.

  rdave13 20:13 PM 19 May 11

Avast gets my vote.

  FatboySlim71 20:18 PM 19 May 11

After using Avira for a few years. I have to say that in my opinion there is no better free anti virus program. But other people will say otherwise.

Avira Free Anti Virus

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 PM 19 May 11


  robin_x 22:08 PM 19 May 11

Avira...and it's not just suitable for low end computer. Just low footprint.

  Strawballs 22:43 PM 19 May 11


  muddypaws 08:03 AM 20 May 11

If you deal with Barclays,the full Kaspersky Commercial Edition is free for 12 months. I relied on MSE for twelve months and then it let a load of nasties in a week ago which I am still trying to get rid of.


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