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  tardis100 16 Aug 11

I'm getting tired of seeing all the pop-ups - does anyone know of a totally free programme that will block them? I keep searching but only seem to find (once I've downloaded and installed) ones that offer a "free trial." Any help appreciated before my eyes suffer any more from the constant flashing!

  rawprawn 16 Aug 11

Use Firefox and Ad blocker plus

  rawprawn 16 Aug 11

You can a;so use it on IE and Chrome

  buteman 16 Aug 11


Can you remind me how you do it for Internet Explorer.

I did copy the easy list to I/E a while back and have forgotten how to do it. I would like to check for updates for it.

  sunnystaines 16 Aug 11


i have been thinking of replacing iepro with this option

for ie8 ie9

  buteman 16 Aug 11


You have to pay for that now.

It used to be free.

  buteman 16 Aug 11

yes not cheap.29$

  sunnystaines 16 Aug 11

buteman thanks thought it was free, i will keep iepro for now then

  buteman 16 Aug 11


If you are using IE8 or below you can get the free IE7pro add on.

This is what I mean but scroll back for an earlier download as the latest download is poor.

If using it.Make sure ad blocker is ticked and mini download manager is unticked.

It is free and quite good but not great on IE9.

  buteman 16 Aug 11

Oops that is the one to forget I will try and get an older version for you.

This is an earlier version and works Ok. Just make sure it does not try and download the latest version .

Once you tick ad blocker you have to close I/E and then on again for it to start working.

  rawprawn 16 Aug 11

buteman, sorry I think I am wrong regarding IE. I saw a notice but I now think it must have been for Ad Block


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