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  avesnes1 14:05 31 Jan 08

Has any member any knowledge/experience of a product called "turbocashuk"? It is open source software and (I think?) free to download and use.

  Forum Editor 15:44 31 Jan 08

might be a candidate for confirming the truth of the old adage that 'you get nowt for nowt'

Turbocash has been around for almost two decades, and although I'm sure it has been upgraded several times over the years it really doesn't meet the standards you expect from today's software.

For one thing, it wants to install itself in the root of your C drive by default, and that's an absolute no-no as far as I'm concerned - all programs should default to the program files folder, and a root default is a sure sign of a program with a DOS history.

Otherwise, the Turbocash interface is a bit of a mess, and frankly I think you could do a lot better. If you want to keep things simple you might consider the free version of Quick Books from Intuit - it's a good application from a well-known company, and as your business grows you can easily upgrade.

click here for details.

  avesnes1 08:23 01 Feb 08

FE - Thanks for your reply. I'll take a look at Quick Books. Also, since posting, I have come across Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 launched last November. There is a "professional" version and a free "Express" version.

click here

Have any members had any experience of the free version?

  Proclaimer 10:45 01 Feb 08

I tried that one but I could only configure it for $'s. So either it is not intuitive of I was too lazy to dig into the menus to find £'s.

I have loaded Quickbooks today and I plan to venture around that in order to get myself away from spreadsheets.

  avesnes1 10:50 01 Feb 08

FE - Further to my previous posting, I have been on the Intuit website but (perhaps I'm missing something obvious) I could not see the free version. There seems to be 3 products available with the basic version costing £49.99(CD) or £39.99(download).

  Marko797 18:19 01 Feb 08

there are 2 or 3 different free dloads for MOA2008 Express: US, UK, and Spanish I think. The UK version is configured for £ and VAT. First impressions, it seems OK, but haven't tested its capabilities.

  Proclaimer 19:58 01 Feb 08

So there is!

Look what I found. click here it says "Important note: The version you are about to download is the UK version" :P

I will try both now.

  MCE2K5 00:44 02 Feb 08

Try this link, click here

  Forum Editor 17:50 02 Feb 08

look at the top right-hand corner, next to the picture - there's an orange 'Download' button.

  wee eddie 18:10 02 Feb 08

Is your Accountant able to work with it.

If he isn't using the Program that you have chosen, on a regular basis, your Audit Fees will quickly exceed any saving you have made.

  avesnes1 08:06 04 Feb 08

MCE2K2 and FE,
Thanks for your replies. I've downloaded and installed the free version of Quickbooks. I will now spend some time playing and testing.

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