fraught faxing

  Kate B 12:47 19 Mar 03

Last night I tried to add the fax component to my install of XP Professional. It asked for the SP1 disc. My XP disc has SP1 included, but the wretched wizard insisted it couldn't find the rquired files on the disc. I had a quick rootle round the Microsoft download site and couldn't find anything very helpful, though it wasn't a terribly comprehensive search.

Can anyone suggest where I might find the missing files, or a third-party alternative, preferably free?

thanks all.

  anchor 13:03 19 Mar 03

Hello Kate B

Here is a freebee, (XP compatable); have never used it, but it sounds quite good.

click here

  Kate B 15:18 19 Mar 03

thanks, anchor, I'll have a look at that.

  pj123 22:43 19 Mar 03

If you have a modem driver disk it could have SuperVoice on it, which is what I use. Don't know whether it is compatible with XP though.

  Forum Editor 22:56 19 Mar 03

to my WinXP Pro installation, and didn't have the same problem. I wasn't asked for the SP1 files either.

Take a look at this

click here

and if that doesn't help try this

click here

  Stuartli 23:28 19 Mar 03

Still using Windows Messaging from Win98 - same format as Outlook Express and very easy to use.

  Stuartli 23:28 19 Mar 03

Still using Windows Messaging from Win95 - same format as Outlook Express and very easy to use.

  Kate B 13:16 20 Mar 03

thanks guys, much appreciated - will keep you posted over the weekend. pj123, I've got broadband so dunno if there's maybe a driver with my adsl modem - that's a good thought.

  anchor 13:28 20 Mar 03

I doubt it Kate B. In my experience you must use a normal 56k modem to send faxes. Most often, 56k modem CD`s include a fax programmme, but not ADSL modem ones.

  DieSse 13:33 20 Mar 03

To confirm what anchor said - you cannot fax on ADSL. Faxing can only use your conventional dial-up modem. Very often the driver disk for that will have a FAX program with it.

  Kate B 14:55 20 Mar 03

anchor and DieSse, aaah, I didn't realise that about ADSL (doh!) thanks for that - I'll plug the old modem into the phone line and look at its driver disk.

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