frames/iframes - query

  mco 19:39 06 Oct 06

Don't know about either (except that frames are a no-no) I just wondered if this was the right line of thinking. This is a query relating to something I'm meant to be doing at work. Suppose I want to open up a pdf file on a webpage but don't want to lose the nav bar (so I can't open it up as a new window, cos you'd then have to hit X to close it; nor can I do it as another page cos you'd have to hit the back button) What is the best way to do it, please?

  ade.h 20:13 06 Oct 06

Hi mco. It should be achievable since PDFs can be opened in a browser window/tab, but I have never seen it done. Frames are so rare these days. If you can work out frames - I'll have to leave that to you! - then opening the PDF in an existing frame should be as easy as pie.

  mco 20:30 06 Oct 06

I know how to do it in frames, but I also know they are not considered best practice, so wondered if there was a better way.

  ade.h 21:39 06 Oct 06

I think frames would be the only way to keep the navigation in the same tab or window.

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