fragmenting and scan disc problems

  virtual tour 14:52 22 Aug 03

When I try to fragment disc it says there are errors, I have to scan disc first, I do this but i had my PC on for 10 hours but it still did not complete the action..what is the problem anyone to give me advice? thanks.

  xania 15:02 22 Aug 03

What operating system, what size HD, how,if at all, partitioned and what are you using to scan the disk. Are you getting any messages?

  DieSse 15:37 22 Aug 03

You may have scandisk set up to do a "thorough" scan - change it to a "standard" scan - this will be all that s needed, and will be over much quicker.

  Kaacee 15:37 22 Aug 03

Try booting up in safe mode...then try scandisc..followed by defrag....problem could be programmes running in background...

  BURGMAN02 15:50 22 Aug 03

I had this problem and discovered some remnant of an old trial anti-virus program was running in the background despite having "deleted" the program via the add/remove progs.

A free trial download of Add/Remove Plus!2003 from Aurelitec,Inc. got the rubbish out and cured the problem.

  virtual tour 01:32 23 Aug 03

I am trying to get into safe and what do I do to reach this I am having problems scanning disc in "standard" scan..thanks again if you can help.

  anchor 08:44 23 Aug 03

To get into safe mode, press F5 during the boot process.

You can scandisc and defrag from there.

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