Foxsat PVR recording puzzle

  Pineman100 11 Jun 11

I have a Humax Foxsat PVR on Freesat.

Last Thursday I set it to record the BBC drama 'The Shadow Line' on BBC HD. When I played this back, last night, it seems I've got a special version of the programme that includes voice-over descriptions of the action, for the blind.

I have no idea how I came to get this version - it hasn't happened with any other programmes that I've recorded, nor with previous recorded episodes of 'The Shadow Line'.

I wonder if anyone can please:-

  1. Tell me whether it's possible to switch off this voice-over, in order to watch the recording without it.

  2. Explain why I got this version.

  3. Tell me how to avoid this happening again.

I'd be most grateful for any advice. Thank you.

  Bee Jay S 11 Jun 11

The same thing happened to me last week except it was Case Histories. If you go into Menu - settings - language - Audio description - select disable. This turns the audio description off. However I only found this after the programme finished, so I don't know if it works while the recording is playing. As to why it did this I have no idea!

  Pineman100 11 Jun 11

Thanks very much Bee Jay S. I'll check that setting, and see whether I can play the recording without the voice-over.

I'll come back and let you know.

Thanks again.

  Pineman100 11 Jun 11

Well - funny thing. Audio Description is already disabled. I tried enabling it, then disabling again, then I tried playing the recording again. No change.

So I can only assume that this was a glitch either in the transmission or the recording, which - as it's "fixed" on the hard drive - I can't do anything about.

So I think I'll download the episode from the BBC iPlayer.

Many thanks for your advice on this, Bee Jay S.


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