Foxit Reader Advice Please.

  Hiall 14:20 21 Nov 08

Just been reading the thread about an alternative to ADOBE.
And Foxit Reader is mentioned a lot.
As a bit of a novice and I never use Adobe (well I think I don't, maybe wrong)
Have thought about removing Adobe and using Foxit.
What is the difference, is it just that it takes less space on your pc ?

Do I still need to keep,
1. Adobe shockwave.
2. Adobe flashplayer.
3. Adobe Macromedia Authorware Web Player.

And what do I uninstall off my pc to do with Adobe ?

And are there any add on's I should be putting with foxit ?

I am with AOL Broadband and Windows XP SP3 if that makes any difference.

  I am Spartacus 14:22 21 Nov 08

Foxit is a hell of a lot faster in use. Un-install Adobe Acrobat Reader. You need to keep 1-3 above for the correct display of content in some web pages.

  Salut 15:05 21 Nov 08

I agree with Spartacus. I switch about a year ago and would recommend Foxit as a worthy replacement.

The add on available are also useful additions.

  Stuartli 16:27 21 Nov 08

You need to keep Flash Player - it's for an entirely different purpose.

Shockwave isn't that important, but depends on the type of websites you visit. See:

click here

I still have Adobe Reader on my system and keep it updated, but Foxit Reader is the Default PDF reader.

  woodchip 16:51 21 Nov 08

I use Foxit, Acrobat can be removed from Add Remove Programs in Control Panel, after loading the above as Acrobat takes up a lot of Disc Space

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