carlinglover 14:36 21 Jan 03
  carlinglover 14:36 21 Jan 03

every time i log on i have a msg that says found new hardware when the hardware wizard kicks in it says it cant install and to insert the disc? it must have been something my kids put in and never finished... how do i remove this msg and the so call hardware that is not there?as i cant find the hardware to un install it as it obviously wasnt says its VIA bus master IDE DRIVERS... but its no where to be found on the pc? thanks for any help..

  AndySD 14:43 21 Jan 03

If you motherboard has a VIA chipset then the VIA bus master IDE DRIVERS are important. If you know the Make /Model of the motherboard post it here and we can check for you. If you dont this small free download will tell you. click here

If you have the manual or know you have a via chipset then click here and Download and install the Hyperion Drivers to solve your problem. Remember to turn off your antivirus program before installing the drivers.

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