Forwarding Pictures with emails problem

Although I am able to attach pictures to emails with no difficulty, if I forward a picture it is replaced by a rectangle and small square with a red 'X'.
Advice would be appreciated
Thankyou - Wol

  john bunyan 17:10 12 Jul 07

I suspect this is am anti spam feature. Usually you have to click on the red x to open the picture if you know the sender. Spammers use pictures to send unwanted stuff. Most of my spam has pictures in the body of the message to avoid mail rules - if anyone knows how to write a rule on Outlook Express to block such pictures I'd be grateful.

My problem is when forwarding emails on with previously received pictures etc. These have all been virus checked incoming as are my outgoing messages.
- Wol

  john bunyan 17:40 12 Jul 07

I think the only answer is to save the pix in My Pictures and then Insert them as files onto the e mail or as pictures. A bit cumbersome I know but it works. JB

  Pamy 17:45 12 Jul 07

Where are the pictures coming from that you are forwarding. Americans tend to use Microsoft Powerpoint, so who ever you send them to also has to have Power Point viewer.

Pamy, Thanks for that but the rectangle & 'X' replaces the images in my outgoing message as seen in 'sent' messages!
- Wol

  Pamy 18:23 12 Jul 07

OK, does this happen if you send a picture that you have produced?

  gudda96 18:47 12 Jul 07


Have you tried to highlite pics, r/click, send to, mail recipient, insert addie.

Pamy, Pictures I have produced are sent with no problem.

gudda96, Thanks for the suggestion, please could you interpret " addie " ?

- Wol

  Pamy 10:33 13 Jul 07

Like leccie is electricity, so addie is address

  Pamy 10:38 13 Jul 07

So if your own pictures are sent OK then you can send one to yourself, then try and forward that e-mail to yourself to see what happens.

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