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  Snrub 15:17 01 Aug 11

I have exclusively used IE9 since it first came out but have an issue with not displaying my online banking website properly leaving most of the functions unuseable. I have tried with Firefox and all working perfectly. What do forum members think is the best browser?

  onthelimit1 15:43 01 Aug 11

Each to his own! I use IE9, but also like Chrome. Then there's.............

  Belatucadrus 15:45 01 Aug 11

Very subjective, I like Firefox but many people prefer one of the others. Check them out and make up your own mind, there is no right or wrong to it.

  bremner 15:47 01 Aug 11

You should try them for yourself as everyone has their own preference.

Try IE9, Firefox 5, Chrome, Opera and Safari

  TonyV 15:56 01 Aug 11

I use IE9 and am more than satisfied with it. There were all sorts of funnies happening to other browsers when I tried them so removed them and stuck with IE9. I still think it is as fast as other browsers but in most the difference in speed is imperceptible really!

I have no problems with my on-line banking, and I check two banks out because of my circumstances. Both perform fine. They are both High Street banks.


  Woolwell 16:16 01 Aug 11

I have more problems with sites with IE9 and Opera than the other browsers. I cannot download ebooks from WHSmith, or open an online statement with IE9. Opera has less problems but couldn't do on-line banking with one site.

  Jwbjnwolf 19:26 01 Aug 11

My favorite when using linux or windows has got to be firefox or opera because they are now so less cluttered and use alot less screen space. On Mac, I have to say Safari, especially now that it is full screen enabled, and also supporting loads of new gestures thanks to the King of the jungle(which to me means the king of all OSs out there as well as the king of all Mac OSs yet, which to me is correct).

Now safari would be my favorite on windows but it seems to me and my mum that it doesn't work brilliantly with windows, but is on Mac because it is programmed with nice sweet juicy apples in mind, so there are very few flaws.

  rawprawn 20:12 01 Aug 11

I have always used IE and Firefox as an alternative, however today I decided to try Google Chrome and I am impressed. I am going to use it for a few days to get used to it. So far no problems including online banking, and downloading statements. Certainly worth a try.

  Snrub 21:45 01 Aug 11

Google will run my banking on-line website ok but will not support Trusteer Rapport which is recommended by the banking website. Firefox works on both the banking website and Rapport. IE9 supports Rapport but will not run the banking website properly, I think the issues here must be that Rapport does not support Google Chrome 14 and the banking website will not work fully with IE9. Generally there is no perceptable speed difference between all 3 browsers. I am new to Firefox but I think I will use it as backup to IE9

  Strawballs 22:36 01 Aug 11

I personally use Chrome but as said before it is a matter of preference.

  gel 07:01 02 Aug 11

I have used Chrome a long time and Trusteer Rapport for 12 months or so and do all my banking on line I think Trustee Rapport have a help section try hem gel

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