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  FeeN 16:56 30 Nov 05

Ive designed my own signature for gaming forums, however ive been unable to make it show correctly below my post.
After hosting the image (.JPG) ive copied the direct link URL from the host server to my signature setting in the user account. Im fairly new to the whole 'forum signatures' thing. I know that all the sites ive tried to post my 'sig' are capeable of doing this.

Help would be good


  FeeN 17:08 30 Nov 05

Oh, by the way, heres one of the sites where ive been trying to get it to work

click here

  IClaudio 17:44 30 Nov 05

Try deleting the 'span class' in your Profile... incidentally, you don't need to 'Test' after making changes, past posts will be affected.

  Haol 18:18 30 Nov 05

While sigs make the forum look colourfull, people come here to get information and sigs would increase bandwidth. I have nothing against them though.

  Haol 18:19 30 Nov 05

Oh wait, sorry. I thought you were talking about having a sig on here, although I knew you can't lol, im sorry. Anyway do what IClaudio said.

  FeeN 22:58 30 Nov 05

thx for the replys

The 'span class' bit i didnt enter, it just seems add itself automaticly. The site admin guy is stumped as well.
In my profile i can change 2 things, BBcode and HTML. I have tryed them both on and off with the same results.

A fellow site member can host my 'sig' with no problems, but no one else can. Must be something to do the profile settings.

  watchful 06:38 01 Dec 05

When you've copied and pasted the url from Imageshack - edit it to look like this at each end: [img]...........[/img]

  FeeN 00:08 02 Dec 05

tryed that one, didnt work either :(

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