Forum Page all on the left

  rawprawn 18 Oct 11

I have just bought a Mac and I am "Green' but PCA Forums are all on the left hand side of the Safari secret. This has only occurred today any Mac experts out there? Or is it PCA. Thanks RP

  rawprawn 18 Oct 11

Safari Secret ??? Browser

  john bunyan 18 Oct 11

I find the same in IE9 and W7. Started a few days ago.

  buteman 18 Oct 11

Probably the add blocker playing up like it used to on Firefox.

Disable the ad-blocker temporarily and see if it goes to normal

  buteman 18 Oct 11

IE8 and Firefox working normally for me.

  Graphicool1 18 Oct 11

IE9 - FF7 - W7

Apart from a brief hiccup a week ago, when there was an annoying, unfolding advert on the left. It's always been on the left, even when I was using WinXP.

  gengiscant 18 Oct 11

W7 IE9 center of the screen for me.

  Woolwell 18 Oct 11

Safari on Vista is center

  rawprawn 18 Oct 11

Thanks for all the replies, I am still showing on the left (only web page to do so) I have seen this before in Widows 7, and I think it was to do with blocking adverts. However I am not sure where to go in Mac

  cocteau48 18 Oct 11

Hi rawprawn

Have not got a clue if this is relevant to a MAC but when this happened on a Windows machine the answer was to disable the stylesheet:

in AdblockPlus.

  john bunyan 18 Oct 11

I recetly (with a tip from rdave13 enabled tracking protection to avoid adaware tracking cookies. I think this left thing started then.


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