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  stalion 21:03 09 Aug 04

I am getting this fairly frequently now when trying to view posts on here
Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
JRun closed connection.

  Al94 21:12 09 Aug 04

I get the same frequently when trying to log in

  Mikè 21:12 09 Aug 04

This an old problem with the pca site, happens less often since they got a new server.

  sirhc 21:18 09 Aug 04

got this error tonite ,after i hit the login button this was using opera ,which normaly is better in every way than IE ,had to use IE to log in tonite.....

  stalion 21:18 09 Aug 04

ok just wondered if anyone else was getting the same.thanks

  sirhc 21:27 09 Aug 04

just logged back in using opera
just one of these things i guess

  shizzy 21:29 09 Aug 04

I am getting it with IE but all ok with Firefox.

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