formula for a spreedsheet

  steven_frost 18:07 16 Sep 04

i've set up a spreedsheet at work were we need to know when the 28 days was up that sorted but what their asking for now is if a box has a 0 in it the 28 days need not apply does any one know of a formula for this i can supply a copy of the spreedsheet if it helps

  VoG II 18:29 16 Sep 04

Can you say something about what data are where on the spreadsheet and the formula used for the "28 days up" calculation.

  steven_frost 18:36 16 Sep 04

the formula is a simple on =sum(b1+28) zero figure goes ina about colum e

  VoG II 18:42 16 Sep 04

The general approach that you need is along the lines of

=IF(COUNTIF(B2:B7,0)>0, ignore, do something else)

where you need to substitute the range where 0s might occur for B2:B7 which I used just as an example.

  steven_frost 18:58 16 Sep 04

the zero's will only appear in one place so any ideas

  VoG II 19:01 16 Sep 04

=IF(E1<>0, your existing formula)

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