Formatting Partitions.

  Dazwm 15:21 13 Oct 03

I have my hardrive split in two with ME on (C:) and XP Pro on (D:). Is there any way I can format each partition one by one without deleting things on the other?

you can format the NON-BOOT partition (C is normally the boot partition) without affecting the Boot partition, but not the other way around, unless you backup the boot files before formatting. That's not recommended though - I've done it that way, but it's not straight forward.

What's the purpose of formatting the partitions anyway? Maybe we could help more, if you told us what you are trying to achieve???

  Dazwm 15:36 13 Oct 03

No particular reason it is just for future reference.

Assuming you originally installed ME, then later installed XP on your D drive, you should be able to format your D drive from ME without any problems. You would do this in the normal way. (typing format d: in a DOS window)

But to format the drive with ME installed you would have to be very careful, as XP will not boot if you actually delete every file on that drive. If and when you ever come to do this, you would need to get a list of all the files XP requires to boot, then back them up to either a floppy, or the d:
Once c has been formatted, you would then copy them back to the c: so you can boot as normal to XP. As I said, this is not recommended as a lot can go wrong, but if you have nothing to lose then that's the way I would do it (if you didn't have a spare hard drive that is).

I hope this helps.

  dth 16:48 13 Oct 03

assuming that you wanted to end up with just the one o/s - you could wipe the drive D (after moving your docs to drive C), then move your docs over to Drive D and format the Drive C. The install whatever o/s you wanted on Drive C - but leave your docs on the Drive D and tell Windows to point to this drive.

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