muddypaws 19:30 27 Mar 06

I have three drives, C, D and G.
I have a full Norton Ghost backup on G and wish to put the latest backup on D then erase G.
I have deleted everything on the D drive just by deletion of each folder etc. Do I need to actually format this D drive before putting Norton Ghost backup onto it? It is empty. Bearing in mind that I believe Ghost backs up the operating system as well. Thanks.

  muddypaws 08:22 28 Mar 06

I didn't think it was that stupid a question.! Any takers?

  billyliv 08:39 28 Mar 06

Personaly I would swap the drives around.Cheers, Bill

  dumb_haddik 08:57 28 Mar 06

Formatting is not required for a Ghost Backup, the drive dows not even need to be empty.

With regards to `billyliv`s comment, if you have a program such as partition magic, you can swap the drive letters around, if this is the reason for all the swapping.

  muddypaws 09:12 28 Mar 06

Thanks--that answers the query.

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