formatting HD and re registering XP

  jst 17:03 17 Apr 03

I intend to format my hard drive as its now getting flaky. XP pro has been on it since its launch.
Does any one know what happens regarding product activation. When it goes to register with Microsoft, does it reconise my machine as having been registered previously, or what.

  « Ravin » 17:19 17 Apr 03

nope go'll have to reactivate but as long as you havent changed any hardware components it shouldnt be a problem

  jst 17:25 17 Apr 03

Thanks raven thats exactly what I needed to Know.

  toothwright 17:34 17 Apr 03

Just re-activated XP home after re-formatting.

There were several changes in hardware from the original activation last September - including new sound card and scanner - had no problems so I hope you don't have any either.

  Blitzer 17:35 17 Apr 03

Sorry for jumping in, but what happens if you do change some hardware, new hard-drive or motherboard for example? These things do fail after all. =-s

  « Ravin » 17:42 17 Apr 03

you can change upto 6 devices before you have to do anything..after that you'll be given a number and be asked to call up microsoft.. after you explain it to them they'll reactivate it for isnt a biggie they're usually very understanding

  Blitzer 17:47 17 Apr 03


Cheers. I can understand Microsofts POV on this and it's good to hear they do at least take a sensible approach rather than just insisting you buy a new copy of the OS.

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